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Dunlop D402

Dunlop D402

The D402 is an approved Harley-Davidson touring tire.

Built with a three-ply polyester casing with two fiberglass belts, the D402 helps provide stability for touring riding.

Computer-optimized tread profile with offset center groove improves rider confidence over rain grooves and steel-grated bridges, while helping to reduce cupping for enhanced wear.

The Dunlop Harley-Davidson Tire Series feature special Harley-Davidson branding on the sidewalls.

The D402 is available in black sidewall (BW), slim wide whitewall (SW), medium white sidewall (MWW) and wide whitewall (WWW). Engraved wide whitewall (EWW) is available exclusively through Harley-Davidson dealers.

All D402 tires have an H speed rating.

WWW = Wide Whitewall
MWW = Medium Whitewall
SW = Slim White Sidewall
RWL = Raised White Letter
WLT = White Lettering

16 657229 Dunlop D402 MT90B16 72H WWWTL По запросу
656265 Dunlop D402 MT90B16 72H SWTL По запросу
656266 Dunlop D402 MT90B16 72H TL По запросу
18 631127 Dunlop D402 130/70B18 63H HD FLD Dyna Switchback (2012)TL По запросу
21 656276 Dunlop D402 MH90-21 54H TL По запросу
631715 Dunlop D402 MH90-21 54H HD XL1200V Seventy-Two® (2012) MWWTL По запросу
16 661321 Dunlop D402 MU85B16 77H WWWTL По запросу
666006 Dunlop D402 MU85B16 77H SWTL По запросу
666005 Dunlop D402 MU85B16 77H TL По запросу
657228 Dunlop D402 MT90B16 74H WWWTL По запросу
656263 Dunlop D402 MT90B16 74H SWTL По запросу
656264 Dunlop D402 MT90B16 74H TL По запросу