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Dunlop K555

Dunlop K555

The Dunlop K555 is a classic Custom tire which can be found as Original Equipment on many cruisers when they leave the factory. It is an excellent choice for those looking for an all-round capable cruising tire.

  • Tread pattern combines classic custom looks and efficient water evacuation
17 0216161 Dunlop K555 120/80-17 120/80-17(61H) По запросу
0228003 Dunlop K555 120/80-17 120/80-17(61V) По запросу
18 0242435 Dunlop K555 110/90-18 (61S)TT По запросу
15 0216163 Dunlop K555 140/80-15 140/80-15(67H) По запросу
0228005 Dunlop K555 150/80-15 150/80-15(70V) По запросу
0258233 Dunlop K555 170/80-15 170/80-15(77S)TT По запросу
0283433 Dunlop K555 170/80-15 170/80-15(77H) По запросу
16 0275989 Dunlop K555 170/70B16 170/70-16(75H) По запросу