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Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX

The all-new medium-hard terrain Geomax MX71 brings cutting-edge technology to the dirt. Its tread patterns are directional both front and rear, optimising performance under braking and acceleration. The back tyre’s special wound-block design and the unique block distribution of the front tyre give extra bite out of turns and boost the agility and controllability of your bike, especially on medium-to-hard-pack-terrain. Our comparison tests have shown the MX71 to be a leader in the vital areas of traction, handling, braking and bump absorption, without compromising corner grip, stability or durability – but we’ll let you be the final judge.

100% off-road tyre optimised for hard terrain.

  • New directional tread pattern and block distribution optimises handling and traction on hard surfaces
  • Triple-ply construction provides great ride comfort throughout the tyre 
  • Excellent controllability on slide limits
  • Tie-bar block design for stronger resistance to chunking
17 289559 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 70/100-17 40M 70/100-17TT По запросу
19 289561 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 70/100-19 42M 70/100-19TT По запросу
21 289543 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 80/100-21 51M 80/100-21TT По запросу
289545 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 90/100-21 57M 90/100-21TT По запросу
14 289563 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 90/100-14 49M 90/100-14TT По запросу
16 289565 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 90/100-16 52M 90/100-16TT По запросу
18 289555 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 110/90-18 61M 110/90-18TT По запросу
289557 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 120/90-18 65M 120/90-18TT По запросу
19 304411 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 100/90-19 62M 100/90-19TT По запросу
289547 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 110/80-19 59M 110/80-19TT По запросу
289553 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 110/90-19 62M 110/90-19TT По запросу
304409 Dunlop MX71 GEOMAX 120/80-19 63M 120/80-19TT По запросу