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Metzeler ME 1

Metzeler ME 1

Complete range dedicated to the 50 to 250 cc capacity bikes and scooters, developed exploiting the experience of motorcycle products. Different pattern design and structures tuned for different models, focusing always on:
• Light handling and precise steering response provided through “single”-radius contour design.
• Comfortable riding combined with high mileage and uniform wear thanks to the resistant yet flexible Nylon structure.
• Good grip both in dry and in wet conditions allowing safe and fun riding of your scooter in the urban jungle.

10 0558000 Metzeler ME 1 3.50-10 59J TL По запросу
0557600 Metzeler ME 1 3.00-10 50J TL По запросу
0557200 Metzeler ME 1 90/90-10 50J TL По запросу